Simple Tips to Get More Storage Space for Your iPhone

Simple Tips to Get More Storage Space for Your iPhone

So you have bought your iPhone or iPad and are already using it a lot. You may end up running out of storage. Now, how do we get more storage space for our iPhone? You can find out the answer at the companion link website. After getting the error message “Insufficient storage space available” several times, you ask yourself, why choose more iPhone storage space from the beginning?

More Storage on Your iPhone

It’s a great question. The reasons vary. There is no “official” way to expand the storage space on your iPhone. You can’t just plug in a USB drive or SD card to increase your storage space. There’s also no actual support program for this offered by Apple. Here are some ideas for expanding your iPhone’s storage (it works with the iPad too).

Remove Any Unnecessary Files

Your device will show you exactly how much storage space is currently being used and how many GBs are left. You’ll see a list of your apps, indicating which app uses how much storage space on your phone. You can learn more about how much storage space any app is using by tapping on it.

You can immediately delete apps that take up a lot of storage space and that you don’t use very often. For some native apps that can’t be deleted, like the Sound app, the iPhone allows you to delete the program information. Click on “Edit,” and you’ll have the ability to delete all music files stored on your iPhone instantly. Why does it? Read the following provision.

Use iTunes Match

More Storage on Your iPhoneMusic is often one of the best space eaters on your phone. The countless songs can quickly add up to a few gigabytes. You don’t want to give up on carrying as much music as possible. But have you thought about streaming your music to your iPhone instead of storing it there? Songs currently available in the iTunes store can be downloaded directly without uploading them first.

You can get any song in your library by simply tapping the iCloud icon next to it if you have a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection. This can help you save a lot of disk space on your iPhone since you only select and download the songs you want. The other songs can be deleted from your phone and will be stored in your iCloud.

Use Cloud Storage

The same principle of sounds can be applied to other information. Instead of storing memory-intensive files, such as photos and videos, you can upload them to a cloud service on your iPhone’s hard drive. Videos are a good example. Instead of storing your videos on your phone, you can upload them to Dropbox’s remote server using the free Dropbox app for iOS. Dropbox gives you two GB for free and allows you to expand it by 500 GB in apps.

Besides Dropbox, there are many other cloud storage providers like Box, Skydrive, or even Bitcasa. Inquire about the provider you use before uploading information to it. Remember that uploading information to remote servers is essential for privacy security. Don’t put sensitive information there. Consider which files are good enough to be uploaded to external providers and which ones you prefer to remain safely stored on your iPhone or iPad.

Add External Storage

If you don’t like cloud storage things, or in case you need a lot more gigabytes away, it’s a push to use a self-focus powered Thing and possess a program for iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. These wireless storage alternatives don’t require power outlets or network infrastructure so that you can get and store your photos, videos, and movies from virtually anywhere.

Must-Download iPhone Apps for Gamers

Must-Download iPhone Apps for Gamers

People buy the iPhone not only because it is a rather flashy phone, but also because it offers many different features. Most searchable apps among users is a game application. With its various options, the iPhone can also ensure the pleasurable gaming experience with its great support on gaming technology. No doubt that gamers feel satisfied to own their iPhone because it is known as a gamer’s paradise. 

In this article, you will find several must-download iPhone apps that would be great for gamers. Most of them come in different game genres and features. Some free games have in-app purchases, while others are paid apps. Choose the best you like, and use TweakBox Alternative to access the games free of charge. 

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a recommended app, and it has a low price tag. The game is very simple to try on while aiming to raise your levels and your score. In this game, you have to shoot the dots with a pen or marker to fight against space ships and send them back. The graphics are very artistic as if someone has designed each level with full of artwork in different landscape settings.


For a strategic gamer, the chopper app would make you sit longer to play the game. It has an interesting game setup as you have to control a helicopter on a mission to save several civilians you can save. In this game, you have an indispensable weapon, such as bombs and bullets, to defeat the enemy that harms the survival civilians you have to save. The built-in components of the iPhone are really useful in its side-scrolling movements.

Unblock Me

Unblock Me app has a very simple concept. It has many blocks on the screen, but some are darker than many others. In this case, the game aims to let users think about getting out of the traffic as the block creates a traffic jam. Use your finger in touch screen to move around the block to get the best personal records. In the free version, you have 200 levels to play. If you wish to get more challenges up to 2,000 levels, you can buy them with only 99 cents.

DOOM Ressurection

DOOM Ressurection is the favorite of shooter gamers when playing it on a personal computer. However, you can now play it on your iPhone with a specialized and excellent graphic. In this game, you will act as a marine who has to withstand hell by hitting everything on the screen. Of course, it is not as wide as the PC version, but you will see that it works when you need something to take your time, and it does pretty well. Unfortunately, this great game comes at a price, and you have to pay $6.99 to enjoy it.

Crazy Machine

Puzzle lovers would love to play the Crazy Machine. With only $2.99, the game offers the entire puzzles to play up to 200 levels. The game is fun and educational, as it contains many simple and different household items you have to assemble to produce some machines. It also uses some physics basics to discover, for example, the ball in the basket.