LLC Services in Dubai: Things to Know

LLC Services in Dubai: Things to Know

Business structures in Dubai are broadly classified into sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited liability companies. Each of these forms has its advantages and disadvantages. But, the vast majority prefer a corporation such as incfile, as it is considered a legal entity separate from the owners. This usually means that the owners are personally liable for the company’s obligations only to the extent that they own the company.

Business in Dubai

workSetting up a company in Dubai is complex and without a good understanding of the different types of companies and the registration requirements and procedure, it is often very difficult to succeed. In Dubai, this type of company can be owned by a GCC citizen, a UAE citizen, or even another company whose shares are wholly owned by GCC citizens or perhaps UAE citizens.

The name of the company must include the name of the owner and the LLC at the end. Shares of such a company cannot be listed on a stock exchange; additional requirements for a sole proprietorship must be met to go to town. For your limited liability company to be registered in Dubai, at least 51% of the shares must be owned by UAE citizens. Sole proprietorships and LLCs are subject to corporate tax, which is different from the tax on individual owners. Partnerships are owned by two people who may be limited or general partners. Profits are shared based on pre-agreed spouses and the relationship is taxed separately.

The owner is personally responsible for the financial obligations of the business, which means that in the event the provider is unable to meet its financial obligations, the owner’s assets could be used to pay them. This is the biggest disadvantage of this type of business. However, it gives the business owner complete freedom to run the business as he or she desires without the bureaucracy associated with running a business. Also, unlike corporations, there are no minimum funding requirements with a sole proprietorship.

Adaptable Taxation

One of the biggest advantages of owning an LLC is that you can choose how you are taxed. The LLC’s tax rate depends entirely on the owner’s income. With the business treatment option, if you have a higher income, you will receive a lower tax rate. LLCs are not subject to double taxation like corporations. You can contact a business tax planning organization in your area for more information on tax filing practices. If you operate an LLC, then you have plenty of choices on how to take care of business. An LLC is a flexible business structure that offers many different ways to run your business.

Leased Assets

workWhen you operate an LLC, you can lease your assets to the provider. As a result, you could operate your LLC from your home office and disclose how the LLC leased the office to you. In this way, you will be able to write off your business expenses and increase your financial position. To do this, you will need a proper lease agreement. Forming an LLC as a business structure is a perfect option for the average business owner to acquire.


While these are not the only types of legal entities in Dubai, they are certainly the most common. Setting up a company in Dubai is not very complicated if you understand the different legal issues and how they affect your business. If you are most likely to run an LLC, contact the small business tax services company nearest to you to manage your business effectively. However, it may be advisable to enlist the help of a corporate lawyer to help you decide which legal form is best for your company and also to help you register it.

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