Food Inventory Tips for Business

Food Inventory Tips for Business

As a supplier in the wholesale food trade, it is understandable that the available stocks have the highest costs to run the business. Keeping costs low requires a well-maintained and a very important balance between demand, inventory, supplies, and need with concentrated monitoring. In fact, it is a must to have the expert knowledge to manage and ensure that the food stock inventory is still fresh. Therefore, you have to be able to find the best solution for innovative inventory management. Keep reading on to find out the tips on how to help you maintain your food inventory. Also, check the article to equip yourself with basic expert knowledge to food inventory.

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Powerful and Strong Expiry Management

Stock replacement should be easy and convenient to make sure you have enough stock without wasting expired items. It is then a must to have great expiry planning and analysis management. In this case, you can apply the principle of FIFO, the abbreviation from First In, First Out, to keep your food stock inventory fresh. The key to efficient and effective process management is using sophisticated analysis and automatization technology. You can use an ERP solution for your business’s expiry management since this revolutionary expert application has great analysis. More importantly, its automated system makes the management convenient to keep a good standard of your food inventory.

Great Shelf Space Management

blueberry inventoryIn the food business, shelf space management is an important aspect to consider. It is not only about the physical space needed to maintain an inventory but also includes receiving, sorting, grabbing, shipping, animated movement, physical inventory counting, and quality. Such a process should be well-maintained to avoid any losses, shorting, or overcapacity in-stock inventory. It is all possible if a business has a great shelf space management, which lies in well-managed planning and logistics. Although it can be tricky to remain great with much information to put in, the ERP solution application can improve your shelf space management with the math.


macaroon inventoryIt is important to know everything regarding the shelf life of food for effective stock management in food inventory. It is important to check out that the stock inventory is traceable from the location of the food, the origin of the food, and the remaining duration of expiry food. Also, batch traceability provides a guarantee of food safety to determine if there are allergens and any contamination source in the inventory. It would be great if you have a kosher/halal criteria in your system’s tracking ability.

Real-Time Cycle Count

Doing a rolling cycle count in real-time is much more practical and less disruptive than a physical data count. It happens because the staff can access and record the data counting remotely. You can even generate more benefit when utilizing Cloud as the keystone on this issue. It helps the team to manage the expiry, shelf space, and traceability easier to update. By making an ERP application available in the Cloud, data is accessible from any device, making inventory management faster, easier, and more efficient. It also provides centralized visibility and traceability needed for a complete view of your inventory.